Sunday, November 13, 2005


Oh dear, I think I went a bit far on the scary stakes, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

All the hate is out of my system and next i'm making a happy one.

This has cheered me up no end, they all look so different and I can't wait to see more. Theresa - i'm still smiling at yours, it's just too damn cute.

I had to tweak my post time too. It put me before both Aurora's and Theresa's.

Too cute to stick pins into.

Bad JuJu
A combination of my tendency to anthropomorphize and the fact that the step-kid said "Awww, how cute!" is seriously dampening my vindictive spirit. I think this will be a present for a friend who will appreciate it for its mixed messages.

I decided to use white so the stuffing wouldn't show through... mostly because I didn't want to have to worry about knitting tightly on my Brittany double points. I used Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Worsted Superwash for the body, a thicker mystery yarn for the heart and thinner black yarn for the eyes and mouth.

Come to think of it - maybe he wouldn't be so darn cute if he didn't have that slight smile on his face?

I posted after Aurora - her post is even in my picture, but apparently it's tomorrow already in Australia! Edited to add: Following Rain's example, I've tweaked my time to put me in the right place.

Another finished one!

Stabby and JuJu #1. I know it's a bad photo, but that's what you get from a bad camera, and a bad sense of what is appropriate to photograph with it. I'm underwhelmed at the heart on his chest, and I will certainly do the stitching on the others BEFORE I stuff them (der, der, DER). I think Stabby is saying "I will, and you know I will, destroy something in the night because you made me suffer this humiliation."

Thursday, November 10, 2005

'Armless fun.

Here's my little dude so far, his name is Cockvell. I can't wait to give him a face.

Mine's not half as cheerful as the others so far. He's made from a slightly fuzzy mystery yarn that's been sat in my stash for over 10 years. It's black and platinum twisted together and I doubled it as I felt it was too fine single.

I'm very tempted to leave him as he is and just turn him upside down as he pretty much says what I think like that. I'm hoping to have him finished by tomorrow night.

KofiJuju WIP

Kofi is coming along nicely. Have had a bit of a slow down as we're reformatting our design layouts (the downloads) on TGB and getting the next newsletter together. Today I got a solicitation in the post from the UN asking for money. Ah yes, my next rant is waiting to be opened. Anyhu, using some weird Romanian wool I picked up at the local market. Close up here. I call it Romanian Rust - manuf name is "Misterio", close enough. Dark brown core with a rusty halo. Works for me, and for him. Should be able to finish him over the weekend.

If I haven't said it before - Grazie Zabet! - a most excellent pattern.

Now if anybody has an idea of how to make an explosive belt I'd appreciate suggestions (next Juju). Was thinking a narrow garter strip with bobbles but there must be a better way.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Beware of Juju...or something.

I thought of running 3 toothpicks in place of the needles & just leaving his wool brains hanging out but too much stuffing would likely escape.
I only ripped back 3 rows, we'll see how the head stitches up.
Surprisingly my girls like my "Boodoo Doll" :-)
Kinda fun knitting this up while we read & such.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

About to Stuff

I just haven't settled on a design for the chest yet, I want to stitch that on before I sew him up. I had intended for this Juju to be representative of a Juju zombie or zuvembie, not an actual living human that I have a beef with. My thinking changed tonight though after seeing Chai Soua Vang sentenced. He's still remorseless after murdering six people a few miles from our home, at this point I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Monday, November 07, 2005

How they work!

Well, since no-one else has posted...I posted this originally on my blog, but I thought you fellow ju-juers might want a look at it.

Juju dolls don't have to be all bad. The traditional doll, or poppet, can be used to send positive or negative energy. All you need is a thing, (often called a poppet by european witches) to represent the person which you are sending the energy to. One of the most powerful vodoun love spells I know of is the one where you fasten two garlic bulbs with a nail (one for you, one for them) and leave them to fester in a cupboard. Nice.

You consecrate the doll, and name it. (There are any number of websites that will tell you how to do this, in a number of traditions). Of course, it is more powerful if you add to the doll part of the person upon whom you wish the magic to act (hair, nail clippings, skin flakes, blood if you're brave). The whole personal focus by using a bit of the person is, incidentally, why we're meant to collect up kids' teeth a la the tooth fairy - so no nasty people can get hold of that sort of power over the kid.

When you stick the pins into it, you focus the type of energy that you wish to send into the pin. Takes a bit of practice to get yourself into the right meditative state of mind (practice without the doll, please!) but it does have results. If it's good energy, then I suggest giving the doll to the person. I am making one to sit on my desk at work, so I can yell at it when people are annoying, and one for an online friend who begged when he saw the picture. And I might make two good jujus for my sis, and my boy. But only if they don't get on my nerves. Or else they're copping the bad stuff...

Friday, November 04, 2005

BadJuju KAL

Most all of us have a Special Someone who is oh so not worthy of our energy. But you just can't stop fuming. Sometimes it's in the back of your mind, time to exorcise the bad and get on With Your Bad Self.

Come on in, share, vent, feel better.

Personally I have a platoon of 'em to make. Wether I get around to all of 'em I don't know but I will delight in giving it the old school try. My first is Kofi Annan. Supreme Asshat and waste of air if there ever was one. If he could feel one pin prick for every man, woman and child his actions and inaction has caused pain, suffering and or death to, I believe he'd be feelin' the pain into his next life (or three). It's only fitting he be the first off my needles and the first under my needles *insert Dr Zibble laugh here*.