Friday, November 04, 2005

BadJuju KAL

Most all of us have a Special Someone who is oh so not worthy of our energy. But you just can't stop fuming. Sometimes it's in the back of your mind, time to exorcise the bad and get on With Your Bad Self.

Come on in, share, vent, feel better.

Personally I have a platoon of 'em to make. Wether I get around to all of 'em I don't know but I will delight in giving it the old school try. My first is Kofi Annan. Supreme Asshat and waste of air if there ever was one. If he could feel one pin prick for every man, woman and child his actions and inaction has caused pain, suffering and or death to, I believe he'd be feelin' the pain into his next life (or three). It's only fitting he be the first off my needles and the first under my needles *insert Dr Zibble laugh here*.


Blogger knitting pinki said...

I So want to join. I already have a name for mine.

9:07 AM  

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