Monday, November 07, 2005

How they work!

Well, since no-one else has posted...I posted this originally on my blog, but I thought you fellow ju-juers might want a look at it.

Juju dolls don't have to be all bad. The traditional doll, or poppet, can be used to send positive or negative energy. All you need is a thing, (often called a poppet by european witches) to represent the person which you are sending the energy to. One of the most powerful vodoun love spells I know of is the one where you fasten two garlic bulbs with a nail (one for you, one for them) and leave them to fester in a cupboard. Nice.

You consecrate the doll, and name it. (There are any number of websites that will tell you how to do this, in a number of traditions). Of course, it is more powerful if you add to the doll part of the person upon whom you wish the magic to act (hair, nail clippings, skin flakes, blood if you're brave). The whole personal focus by using a bit of the person is, incidentally, why we're meant to collect up kids' teeth a la the tooth fairy - so no nasty people can get hold of that sort of power over the kid.

When you stick the pins into it, you focus the type of energy that you wish to send into the pin. Takes a bit of practice to get yourself into the right meditative state of mind (practice without the doll, please!) but it does have results. If it's good energy, then I suggest giving the doll to the person. I am making one to sit on my desk at work, so I can yell at it when people are annoying, and one for an online friend who begged when he saw the picture. And I might make two good jujus for my sis, and my boy. But only if they don't get on my nerves. Or else they're copping the bad stuff...


Blogger Moze said...

Um, given the doll I plan to make, the idea of collecting body bits sounds positively 'splodey-ish. Car swarm, anyone?

My girls asked if I was going to make an Ariel Sharon Juju. I explained that we simply can't afford that much yarn.

8:39 PM  
Blogger zibibbo said...

Hey thanks Aurora, had no idea it was so involved.

Moze too funny, he's on my list too.

5:10 AM  

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